The weather finally clears...

Anvers Island was like camping at a zoo. Here a Weddell seal lounges in the sun while a Skua keeps an eye on our tent. We were surrounded by penguins, awoke by the sounds of Humpback whales and sharing a rock outcropping with Fur seals.

Port Lockroy and the Lemar Channel are in the background.

Gentoo penguins spend the evenings ashore and the days in the water. They had to jump a 3' tall berg to get up on land and during the course of a dinner you could watch them torpedoing out of the water, landing ashore, taking a few steps and then falling over and passing out for the night. We had an outcast colony of about 50 of them in the neighborhood who seemed to prefer it to the thousands of Gentoo who resided across the channel at Port Lockroy.
During one of the brief good weather days toward the end of our stay, Doug and I managed to skin and climb up a peak behind our camp as a day outing.
Doug on top of a peak in the vicinity of Mt. Williams on Anvers Island.

Doug getting some powder turns with the Lemar Channel below.

For a guy that mainly snowboards, he doesn't seem to have any trouble with skis as well.

 Andrew making some low angle sweepers in front of the Lemar Channel.


Doug Stoup photo

 "This is the one we skied."

Doug pointing to the peak du jour.

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