Life in the milk bottle

Fu, fu, fu...... fun?

The only thing more aggravating than traveling roped, on a glacier, in the rain, in a complete white-out, with heavy loads is having your sled tip over. Once or twice is bearable. Several hundred times can try the nerves.

Doug breaks out the wasabi peas and Slim Jims while we futility wait for the weather and visibility to clear.
Camp Wheredafugarwe.
Crevasses to the left, avalanches to the right. We must be going somewhere...?

 Irony Col.

The goal of this expedition was to climb and ski Bull Ridge on Mt. Francais. Due to a lack of topographical maps and poor visibility, we had no idea where we were. Thinking we had drop down and cross yet another glacier and many more miles, we opted to turn around at this point.

Little did we know that we were actually sitting right on Bull Ridge at the moment this photo was taken!

 A well drenched retreat five days after leaving Base Camp.
 Back in a warm, dry, spacious tent at 15' above sea level.
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