Getting there...
Doug Stoup (Mr. Antarctica) at the Adventure Networks International office in Punta Arenas. He was trying to get the PC to communicate with the Iridium phone so we could send photos back to for live updates, but to no avail.
The quick & easy way to get across the Drake Passage - a Twin Otter airplane with two fully attentive pilots.

King George Island, Antarctica. KGI is located at the far tip of the Antarctic Peninsula and serves as a landing strip and weather station for numerous nations who wish to maintain a presence in the Antarctic and thus keep their standings in the Antarctic Treaty.

After a two hour flight, we arrived here and met up with the Pelagic - a 48' steel hulled sloop which would take us down to Anvers Island.

Dilly keeping a close eye on the lamb.
 Doug watching off of the bow for bergie bits, growlers and Humpback whales.
 Landfall on Anvers Island. We sailed in at roughly 2:00am amidst high winds, rain and poor visibility. The wind was blowing directly ashore and the possibility of landing looked bad. In the space of 30 minutes, it cleared, we debarked, set up camp on one of the only rock outcroppings around and the weather promptly shut down once again.
 Doug setting out from B.C. (Beach Camp) on a foray to see where we were.
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